Advanced Tools & Reporting

Our TMS is Enterprise Class and we prove it by delivering the most thoroughly comprehensive accounting system in the transportation industry. Most TMS systems try to push QuickBooks or something similar on their customers. A few offer partial accounting systems. When we say that our software is comprehensive, we mean it. In addition to our best-of-breed A/R, A/P, Payroll and Cash Management Systems, we deliver sophisticated general ledger management tools and very extensive reporting. Our system proves that it’s better because it is.

Accounting Manager

This is the Accounting Controller’s dashboard. It graphically displays your current financial health as well as totals for asset, liability, income and expense accounts. From this one screen, you can view and drill-down to virtually any transaction in your general ledger.

  • Bank Accounts
  • Open Receivables
  • Open Payables
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Current Ratio

Assets & Depreciations

You won’t find another TMS with built-in asset and depreciation management capabilities. In fact, most off-the-shelf accounting systems don’t have these abilities either. Our software easily manages all types of fixed assets, calculates and posts book depreciation monthly and reports annual tax depreciation including section 179 deductions.

Notes Receivable

If you’re one of the many trucking outfits that sells trucks to drivers and deducts payments from driver settlements, this is the one system that can manage the whole process. Loans of any length can be made, you can specify your own interest rate for each loan and all payments are automatically deducted during settlement processing.

Notes Payable

If you’re financing equipment, this system will separate interest and principal automatically when payments are made. You won’t have to create manual journal entries and your books will always reflect correct interest expense totals and loan balances.

Extensive Financial Reporting

Excellent reporting that covers the entire General Ledger and all Subsidiary Ledgers is just the beginning. With literally thousands of unique reports available, our reporting capabilities include complete financials, detailed analytical reporting by department and ad-hoc report writing. Reports can be customized, saved, scheduled, batch printed and secured. With data views, graph views and drill down capabilities available for every report, our Accounting Reporting System is the best in the industry.

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