Fuel Management

With the cost of fuel being your largest expense you have to control your fuel from both the expense side and the revenue side. Our comprehensive Fuel Management System is the most advanced and automated system of its kind and will do more to help you control fuel and raise revenue than any other system. With interfaces to the Department of Energy for weekly updated fuel surcharge pricing that automatically update rating systems to interfaces to every major fuel card supplier in North America this system automates the fuel revenue charges and fuel expense postings. Our fully automated IFTA reporting system uses imported fuel purchase data and state by miles from your onboard equipment vendor to produce IFTA returns and state mileage reports with no data entry. There’s also extensive analytical reporting so you’ll be continuously aware of where your fuel dollars are being spent. This Fuel Management System eliminates data entry and reduces costs associated with tax filings.

Fuel Card Data Imports

Thorough, easy to use and with dispatch data automatically incorporated into core functionality your data entry is minimized. Billing data is generated from operations and audited automatically during invoicing. Multiple styles of specialized invoices tailored to your line of business can be bulk emailed reducing billing time and mailing costs substantially. Invoice payment processing is incredibly fast and easy and designed for high volume environments. And with excellent research capabilities and innovative processing and reporting capabilities, our invoicing and invoice payment processing features will improve performance and administrative costs.

  • Imports data from every major fuel card vendor in North America
  • Creates custom import routines for local vendors and tanks
  • Data imports create payable and driver advance records
  • Data imported automatically flows to IFTA returns and all reporting
  • Imports state-by-state mileage data from onboard equipment
  • Comdata/TCH imports occur automatically and are posted nightly
  • Posts log violations if drivers are not On-Duty while fueling

Automatic Fuel Surcharge Updates

To maximize the return on your fuel dollars you have to optimize the revenue side of the equation. Our software does just that by interfacing with US Department of Energy for weekly national fuel surcharge rate updates. As our Fuel Management System is fully integrated with our Dispatching Systems, this fuel surcharge data is used to automatically calculate and add fuel surcharges to linehaul rates. Updates occur every weekend and require no user involvement.

Automated IFTA Reporting

If your software is not producing data entry free IFTA returns for your business then our Fuel Management Software and built-in IFTA reporting system will dramatically reduce labor costs associated with filing your IFTA and other state mileage returns. With our interfaces to fuel card vendors and onboard systems coupled with our automatic quarterly IFTA tax table updates, you can create returns in just a couple clicks.

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