Intermodal Dispatch

With our Intermodal Dispatch Management System your organization can achieve new levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our dispatching software begins with a common sense workflow and adds easy to use tools that deliver meaningful information when and where needed so your operations personnel can make smart and timely assignments. Combined with our excellent, built-in communications capabilities that keep your drivers and your customers informed simultaneously, our dispatching software is the one system that will deliver real results to your operations.

Dispatch Manager

At the heart of our Intermodal Dispatching System is the Dispatch Manager. This screen is the home screen for all dispatching activities. Clean, organized and specifically designed for Intermodal Carriers, the Dispatch Manager brings the most important activities to the front and graphically informs users of your operation’s overall status and performance.

  • Developed for real world, real time dispatching.
  • Access all primary dispatching features from one screen.
  • Smart color coding delivers meaningful information at a glance.
  • Fully customizable by every member of dispatch for his/her own needs.
  • Limits features that personnel see to those features they actually use.
  • Advanced planning tools keep your operations looking forward.

Graphical Scheduling

This is a more intuitive look at your dispatching needs and a more effective method for planning future activities. Our scheduling system works within a comprehensive framework of tools so you can plan ahead. The result is better assignments, reduced deadhead and increased profitability.

  • Clean, crisp interface.
  • Allows planning as far ahead as needed.
  • Color codes equipment by status and activity.
  • Flexible display spans hours, days and weeks.
  • Interacts with planning tools to reduce deadhead.

Load Booking

This order entry screen delivers maximum output with minimal input. Designed specifically for the needs of intermodal carriers, it quickly captures information from pre-notes and dispatch orders, received from IMCs, shipping lines, freight forwarders and shippers.

  • Fast, mouse-free data entry
  • Intermodal specific design
  • Accept 204s from EDI Shippers

Jobs System

Handle bookings for multiple container movements with ease. This feature allows you to accept a booking for a set number of like loads. As you complete movements, the jobs system will track how many loads are remaining to finish the order. You can view a history of all loads associated with the job, and you have the ability to produce a separate invoice per container or a statement invoice for the entire job.

Equipment Management

Sophisticated Equipment Management features track equipment inventory, leased equipment and owned equipment. Color codes show indicate equipment needing to be moved and per diem and storage charges are continuously updated. Equipment automatically enters inventory as inbound containers are picked up and then removed from inventory when the equipment is terminated. Movement histories are stored permanently for every piece of equipment hauled.

  • Combines with other built-in tools to optimize decision making
  • Automatically plans around and with existing assignments

Storage and Per Diem Tracking

Customizable Matrices continuously track Storage and Per Diem on inventoried equipment. Equipment inventory is color coded so that you can tell at a glance what equipment is about to or currently accruing charges.

  • Checks last free day during dispatching
  • Color coded Equipment Manager tracks all equipment in inventory
  • Continuously calculates Storage and Per Diem charges
  • Matrices handle empty-empty penalties, crossover penalties, holidays and weekends

Rail Tracing

This interface allows you to specify certain events that require automatic notification. Rail Tracing will continuously check your inbound rail containers and deliver updates to dispatch. You can also view trace history from load records.

  • Ability to specify events that require notifications
  • Continuously checks containers for events
  • View trace history from inbound loads
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