Managing Opportunities and Risks

No matter the state of the economy, some companies succeed while other companies fail. The companies that succeed have a great deal in common as do those that fail. Successful companies realize that the overriding challenge is to always pursue ever greater levels of efficiency. They know that inefficient companies fail, they also know that the barometer for what is efficient is always moving. The challenge is, therefore, to continuously optimize, continuously improve. At no point in the evolution of any business is the status quo desirable. Businesses are either improving or failing. There is no in-between.

Guaranteeing Success

There is no guarantee that your business or any other will be successful. While you can be sure that failure is always an option, success is never assured. To succeed, do what the most successful companies do and don’t do those same things that failed companies did. For example, there is no such thing as a very efficient manual process. If your company’s activities are pretty much the same as they were five years ago, then your company is not achieving what many of your competitors are achieving. Your processes should be evaluated on a routine, if not daily basis, to uncover inefficiencies and activities that cost money and reduce competitiveness. It’s not just your company and your personnel that are aware of practices that are not optimal, your customers and those who compete against you are just as aware.

Old Habits Die Hard

“That’s just how we do it.” If those words every come out of the mouths of anyone in your company, this is a sure sign that change is in order. Nothing should be done out of habit. Even if that ‘thing’ that your personnel do was great, efficient, even innovative, some years ago, that doesn’t mean it’s working today. If your personnel is solid and they want the company to succeed, then they’ll buy in to any change that will help the business to get ahead and help their personal financial prospects as well. The company has a responsibility to create an environment that attracts and retains excellent drivers, excellent staff and that makes your services attractive to potential and existing customers. Thus, killing off old habits and continuously working to ensure that every activity within your organization is working to make your company more effective and more profitable is a core responsibility that will always deliver real benefits to your bottom line.

Good, Not Fast and Cheap

The best software system for your company is the one that delivers the most to your bottom line. If you choose software that mirrors your current manual processes, or worse yet, processes that originated with antiquated software, then your organization will not perform as it should or as it could. PCS Software delivers the highest value of any TMS. This is no small claim. Compare:

  • Clean and easy to use dispatching systems that adapt to multiple environments.
  • Advanced, enterprise accounting that’s full, complete, and very transportation specific.
  • Extreme communication capabilities that bring together customers, carriers and drivers.
  • Robust complementary systems including:
    • Compliance Management with online applications and DOT ready documentation
    • Vehicle Maintenance and Shop Management with parts inventory ordering and controls.
    • Fuel Management that interfaces to any fuel card along with IFTA and state tax reporting.
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