World Class Cloud Performance

When you elect to run our software on our cloud infrastructure you can be secure in the knowledge that you will be provided constant availability, effective security and comprehensive data management standards and processes for all of our mission critical applications and systems. Our cloud network hosts thousands of users all day, every day. Our advanced infrastructure ensures that our customers can operate in the cloud with total confidence.

Constant Availability

Our Enterprise-Class cloud infrastructure provides continuous access from anywhere in the world. Built for durability and totally redundant, our up-time exceeds 99%. Our infrastructure resides alongside mission critical systems used by many of the largest companies in the country. Hosted in one of the most advanced and most secure data centers in the nation, our facility stays operational.

  • Continuous uptime since constructed in 1983
  • One of the most dependable and resilient facilities in the region
  • Robust network backbone includes network-based route-optimization services
  • Built to withstand extreme weather events and is a 200-mph wind-rated building
  • Downtown Houston Texas location with redundant power grid supply
  • Six (6) 3,000 KVA transformers (16 megawatts of power)
  • 24/7 On-Site security and maintenance staff

Multi-Level Security

Our software is the most mission critical application in any company that runs it. We have developed a comprehensive array of advanced functionality to secure application access and data from unwanted use or intrusion.

  • Program security includes over 200 available permissions that secure every feature in every application
  • Deployment over current Microsoft Terminal Server technology ensures advanced access security
  • Easy to use tools for assigning permissions by user and by department allow for efficient security administration
  • Role-based access control ensures users can only use application functionality that is related to their responsibilities
  • Database access is prevented completely

Performance and Security Constantly Monitored

PCS employs round-the-clock monitoring tools, controls and policies and a dedicated team to ensure that it delivers results that are ordinarily not achievable with typical in-house, on-premise application deployments.

  • Continuous, dedicated security monitoring
  • Continuous application performance monitoring
  • Continuous, multiple, monitored data backup routines
  • Multiple intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Multiple process monitors ensure peak performance

Improved IT Infrastructure

Our network capabilities eliminate the normally high costs you would incur to develop and maintain a high-performance network environment. If your company hosts data locally, then your remote personnel are subject to the same possibilities for downtime as your local personnel. If your infrastructure is aged or not of sufficient quality, then you are at risk of incurring extraordinary losses in productivity when systems begin to fail. Our robust and sophisticated architecture means that your business can connect all of your personnel into one environment for less than the average cost of locating your network in a high-quality data center.

Locally installed software systems require a continuous commitment of time and money for server maintenance and software upgrades. All of these costs can be eliminated when you choose to operate our software on our network. All of our network maintenance and software upgrades are administered during non-business hours so as to not interfere with your operations. When our software operates on our network, you can leave all the responsibilities for the network to us, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

PCS is committed to your privacy. Review our privacy policy and rest assured we won't sell your personal information.