Complete Business Automation

For over 20 years PCS Software has been designing Transportation Management Software Systems used by Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers providing services within the Full Truckload, Over-The-Road, LTL and Intermodal market segments. Our comprehensive systems deliver real efficiencies, real bottom line results. Used by over a thousand transportation services companies across the United States and Canada to manage their operations, administration and regulatory compliance, customer service and fleet management, our software is the most powerful, efficient and complete Transportation Management Software available today.

Our software replaces manual processes and inefficient processes employed by competing systems with real-world tested features and capabilities that deliver real impact. By removing the vast majority of redundant work involved with the dispatching process and delivering clear, concise information precisely when and where it’s needed, our software systems will improve your performance, reduce labor cost ratios and increase overall profitability.

When you choose PCS Software to manage your organization, you are choosing a complete solution that is fully capable of comprehensively addressing virtually every aspect and every responsibility within your company. Our fully integrated suite of advanced systems includes:

  • Complete dispatching for Truckload, LTL and Intermodal Carriers and Brokers
  • Enterprise level, totally Integrated and highly advanced Accounting
  • Safety and Regulatory compliance management
  • Vehicle fuel and maintenance management
  • Advanced dispatch to driver mobile communications
  • Automated customer service features that empower your website

Better Dispatching From PCS Software

We develop true Multi-Modal Dispatching Software. Our software understands the complexities encountered by large transportation companies that pursue business opportunities in multiple lines of business. Ours is the only software system in the country that can manage even the most demanding of these organizations. With our software, you can set standards for individuals, groups and offices, putting you in total control of every work environment in your company, while providing everyone in your company a customized software configuration that specializes in optimizing each individual’s performance.

True Multi-Modal Dispatching

Fully Integrated Accounting Is Better Accounting

There is no substitute for a complete, fully integrated Accounting System. Our enterprise level, integrated Accounting System eliminates the double entry, inconsistencies and inaccuracies that result from running separate systems. With a fully developed suite of capabilities including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Payroll and complete Financial Reporting, our integrated Accounting System will lower your administrative labor costs and improve accountability and performance.

Fully Integrated Accounting

Total Asset and Cost Control

To maximize your bottom line you have to improve the productivity of your most important assets and you have to control fuel costs. Our software fully integrates Operations, Communications, Safety, Maintenance and Fuel Management into one comprehensive system. The result is continuous, up-to-the-minute control of all of your assets and your most important costs.

Total Fleet Management

Deliver Superior Information Services To Your Customers

Our built-in customer communications systems are fully automated and in use by thousands of companies across North America. Send freight status updates, delivery notifications, freight documentation and invoices all automatically with no labor involved. Multiple GPS interfaces mean that shippers and consignees can be notified when a driver enters a certain radius of their location.

Website Integration
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