Application SaaS vs Website SaaS

SaaS refers to “software as a service”. Some companies use the SaaS title loosely, for example, by representing websites as SaaS systems. The truth is though, they’re not. Websites are just websites and even the best websites are slow, clunky, and limited. Can you name even one website that runs quickly? Are you not accustomed to waiting for pages to load and clicking the back button, sometimes getting a response, sometimes not? Of course, because that’s how websites work. Fortunately, our SaaS system is not a website.

The truth is, any program that runs in your web browser is a website. Websites are useful, of course, but they’ll never deliver a faster, more sophisticated work environment than a true SaaS application. Our software is a true SaaS application. Hosted on the PCS Cloud, delivered properly through an RDP connection. Our platform utilizes current, modern technology. Always smooth, fast and stable. Running from your PC’s desktop, not your browser.

Security Matters

Websites and data get hacked every day. It’s unavoidable. Data moving over your browser can be seen, period. Unless you “tunnel” into a program, as you would with a true SaaS application, you are vulnerable. Here’s why, when you use a website, the webpage is loaded into your browser, when you input data, it’s transported from your browser to a database server. While it’s in-transit, it can be hacked. This explains why financial institutions and government agencies pour millions of dollars into stringent controls and complex processes for managing how data moves. Even with these controls though, they get hacked.

With an SaaS application, your computer is connected to a server. One connection, with all processing performed on the server. No data moves from your machine, no data is ever on your machine. There’s nothing to hack. This is the most secure method available today for interfacing over the internet.

What is RDP?

Our applications are deployed over RDP, ‘remote data protocol’ developed by Microsoft and operating on Microsoft Terminal Servers. This method of delivering software preserves the application as an application, with all the characteristics of a locally installed application. The fact that our software runs on RDP means that you have features and options that are just not available with a website based program, for example:

  • Installed software behavior is far more advanced. Screens open and close independently so you can open as many screens at one time as you want, not just one page as is usually the case with website based programs.
  • SaaS applications directly interface to your computer’s operating system. This allows scanners and printers to be directly connected to the software and it allows you to run dual monitors that are managed and can function independently.
  • The program is portable. If you operate your own networks, your own servers, your own cloud, you can run our software in your environment. Websites just aren’t going to do this, ever. With our SaaS application, you get to decide, our infrastructure or yours.

Cost Differences

Undoubtedly, cloud environments that deliver software over RDP are much more expensive to develop. If you’re using a website based application now, ask your software vendor to tell you what operating systems they use on their web servers. Chances are you’ll hear “Linux”, most likely followed by an explanation of how secure Linux is. The truth is that Linux is free. Which is the only real reason it’s ever used. Our servers all run on Windows Server and Windows Terminal Server. Our databases are all running on and managed with Microsoft SQL Server. It is the more expensive way to deliver the software. But it’s the best way to do it.

Does this mean that our software costs far more than the competition? No, it doesn’t. Whether you decide to operate our software from our cloud or your own, you’ll find that our costs are often less than the competition.

With our SaaS application and delivery model options, you are in complete control of costs, data and delivery methods. You choose the environment that achieves your objectives and we deliver the final product. You can run our software on our servers, we can dedicate servers for you or you can run from your own servers. It’s your company, you get to choose. We just make the entire implementation process hassle free and cost effective.

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