Fully Integrated Accounting

If you're not in control of your accounting, you're not in control of anything. If your Operations Management Software is not integrated with your Accounting Software, you’re doing everything twice and you’re spending time and money reconciling differences. You aren't in control. With one integrated system you do things once. Things are done right. You are in control.

Express Accounting is Enterprise Accounting, capable of managing the accounting needs of the largest and most complex organizations. Express Accounting has organizational structure built-in. Features are departmentalized and systems are organized around job functions. With security for every feature, each of your accounting personnel can perform their duties in a system that is customized to their job description. Each person will see the systems and features they need to see and nothing else.

Receivables and Collections

Accelerate your cash flow and improve collections performance with our fully integrated Accounts Receivable Management System. With innovative features that manage short payments, credit memos, bulk payments and cross payments, our software will reduce labor hours in even the most demanding of environments.

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Payables and Cash Management

Eliminate manual processes and automate all of your payment activities with our thoroughly integrated and totally electronic Accounts Payable Management System. More than just easy, this innovative system comes with built-in PayPal functionality allowing you to issue electronic payments to anyone with an email address for less than the cost of a paper check. You can even reverse transaction fees.

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Payroll and Settlements Processing

This is the most sophisticated and transportation-specific Payroll Management System available anywhere. It delivers complete payroll management functionality for employees, executives, company drivers, owner operators, subcontractors, multi-truck owners and agents. Also included is direct deposit and fuel card deposit functionality, Federal and State Withholding Tax calculations for the U.S. and Canada. It also prints 940s and e-files W2s and 1099s with the Federal government and all applicable states.

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Financial Controls Analysis

Our Accounting Software combines departmental management tools with reporting that is unmatched in scope and capabilities. Literally thousands of unique reports are available, all with drill-down capabilities and graphical views. Report defaults can be saved, and each report can be secured and scheduled for batch printing. In the unlikely event that you would like a certain report that we haven’t already made, our easy to use ad-hoc report writing system can link data across tables and produce custom reports from anywhere in the system database.

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