Total Fleet Management

Our software goes beyond freight management and administration with comprehensive systems that control your assets and your costs with multiple tracking and communications systems and interfaces. Our software can help you reduce your exposure and avoid unwanted interruptions to your operations by improving your overall Safety and Compliance performance. You can effectively plan service and Fleet Maintenance needs so that dispatch is well informed in advance when services are required. And our built-in Fuel Management Systems helps you to optimize fuel revenue while providing the information you need to reduce fuel expenses. Completing the picture and delivering benefits that will impact the bottom line immediately and over the long haul.

More Effectively Communicate With Your Fleet

The best drivers demand the most advanced communications capabilities. They want information that is timely, detailed and formatted. PCS has more ways than any competing system to eliminate ineffective and time consuming methods of communicating with drivers and delivering those advanced methods that drivers want. With messaging to and from your in-cab system to text messaging to email messaging to Smartphone Messaging, iPhone Messaging Apps and multiple methods for drivers to submit delivery documents, our software can eliminate all manual or otherwise antiquated methods of communications between your dispatchers and your drivers.

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Create A More Effective Safety And Compliance Program

This Safety and Compliance System is better because it’s designed for proactive management of compliance requirements. Comprehensive in scope, this system assists in driver recruiting, tracks ongoing driver compliance, tracks claims and accidents and even scans and audits driver logs. Most importantly, compliance requirements inform, interact with and can control dispatch activities. This keeps you in front of regulations, keeps trucks on the road and reduces costs.

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Better Maintenance Improves Performance And Reduces Costs

Reduce costs, downtime and unexpected interruptions to your operations by staying on top of maintenance requirements. Our Maintenance Management System is a full and complete system designed for those trucking companies that manage their own shop and perform all of their own maintenance and need an effective system to manage their shop activities and shop personnel as well as parts and equipment inventories and those companies who outsource their vehicle maintenance. With comprehensive features including integration with our Dispatching Systems, your company can achieve lower costs and higher dependability from your fleet.

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Reduce Fuel Costs And The Costs Of Fuel Tax Reporting

Our comprehensive Fuel Management system is the most advanced and automated system of its kind. With interfaces to the United States Department of Energy and every major fuel card supplier in North America, fully automated IFTA reporting for your company and your owner operators as well as all state mileage reporting, this Fuel Management System eliminates data entry and reduces costs associated with tax filings.

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