Truckload Dispatch

With our Truckload Dispatch Management System your organization can achieve new levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our dispatching software begins with a common sense workflow and adds easy to use tools that deliver meaningful information so your operations personnel can make smart and timely assignments. Combined with our innovative, built-in communications capabilities that keep your drivers and your customers informed simultaneously, our dispatching software is the one system that will deliver real results to your operations.

Dispatch Manager

At the heart of our Truckload Dispatching System is the Dispatch Manager. This screen is the home screen for all dispatching activities. Clean, organized and specifically designed for Full Truckload Carriers, the Dispatch Manager brings the most important activities to the front and graphically informs users of your operation’s overall status and performance.

  • Developed for real world, real time dispatching.
  • Access all primary dispatching features from one screen.
  • Smart color coding delivers meaningful information at a glance.
  • Fully customizable by every member of dispatch for his/her own needs.
  • Limits features that personnel see to those features they actually use.
  • Advanced planning tools keep your operations looking forward.

Graphical Scheduling

This is a more intuitive look at your dispatching needs and a more effective method for planning future activities. Our scheduling system works within a comprehensive framework of tools so you can plan ahead. The result is better assignments, reduced deadhead and increased profitability.

  • Clean, crisp interface.
  • Allows planning as far ahead as needed.
  • Color codes equipment by status and activity.
  • Flexible display spans hours, days and weeks.
  • Interacts with planning tools to reduce deadhead.

Load Booking

Get maximum output with minimal input. Our superior design allows your staff to quickly enter data. You can also eliminate data entry with tools to manage repeat loads, accept loads from EDI shippers and even enable non-EDI shippers to book orders through your company website.

  • Fast, mouse-free data entry
  • Duplicate loads from past orders
  • Save loads as recurring and put them on a schedule
  • Accept 204s from EDI Shippers
  • Allow your shippers to book orders through your company website

Jobs System

Handle bookings for multiple loads with ease. This feature allows you to accept a booking for a set number of like loads. As you complete movements, the jobs system will track how many loads are remaining to finish the order. You can view a history of all loads associated with the job, and you have the ability to produce a separate invoice per load or a statement invoice for the entire job.

Freight and Equipment Matching

When you eliminate unnecessary deadhead miles you increase driver satisfaction, improve delivery performance and reduce costs all at once. Our dispatching software has built-in tools that help you make the best and most efficient assignments.

  • Compare deadhead from trucks to any load or loads to any truck
  • Combines with other built-in tools to optimize decision making
  • Automatically plans around and with existing assignments

Fleet Tracker

See exactly what each driver and piece of equipment is doing all from one screen. You can reposition equipment, manage trailer activities and access driver information all from this very flexible display. Our system interfaces allow you to see all of your resources on maps and even bring in GPS pings and hours of service data from our mobile communication partners.

  • Tracks status and position of drivers, trucks and trailers
  • Manages dropped, unloading and available trailers
  • Access histories on all resources
  • Industry mapping interfaces
  • GPS and hours of service interfaces

Automatic Rating

Establish complex rating algorithms and remove the need for manual rating. Our advanced rating matrix capabilities enable your personnel to leave the rating responsibilities to the program. Virtually any rating method is possible and all can be automated meaning less time for your personnel to book freight and lower costs to your business.

  • Completely automated at the user level
  • Develops custom fuel surcharge matrices for each customer
  • Forces management approval when company standards are not met
  • Built-in, automatic, U.S. DOE weekly fuel surcharge updates
  • Embedded industry rating data improves your competitive position

Rating Analysis

Analyze lanes that you are running for your customers and see how your rates compare to the rest of the industry. This tool displays your rates vs. the industry average for the last 12 months, allowing you to quote with more confidence and spot market trends right from your dispatch screens.

  • Analyze industry rate data directly from a load
  • Analyze lanes company-wide or by customer
  • Analyze by city, state, radius, zone and region

Comprehensive Communications

When you automate communications between your dispatchers and your drivers and between your dispatchers and your customers, you remove a large portion of the routine work performed by your personnel every day. Our software offers the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with timely and complete information delivered at no cost and with no effort. With web, in-cab devices, smartphone and iPhone interfaces, our software will automatically publish data that can be accessed by virtually any company and any driver you choose.

Finding Freight

Built-in, automatic communications market your capacity to shippers in a professional way. When your trucks require backhaul loads, this feature can determine the shippers most likely to need these trucks and send company branded messages to your contacts, announcing your available equipment.

  • Researches past shipping activity
  • Multiple options for filtering results
  • Messages large groups of contacts at once
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