Vehicle Maintenance & Management

Better and more timely vehicle maintenance reduces downtime and lowers costs. Our extensive experience developing Maintenance Management software enables us to create systems that will help you run a more effective and cost efficient maintenance program. Our software is designed for those trucking companies that perform some or all of their own maintenance in their own facilities and need a simple and effective system to manage their planning and work activities, personnel and parts and equipment inventories as well as companies that outsource their maintenance and simply want to keep accurate records. Fully integrated with all of our other systems, our Maintenance Management software lets you build service schedules that interact with our dispatching software, informing dispatchers or even preventing dispatches if required. By improving communications between your dispatching department and your maintenance department unwanted maintenance related interruptions are reduced and equipment is serviced on schedule.

Maintenance Scheduling and Management

Create, track and edit custom service schedules for every truck in your fleet from one screen. Services scheduled flow to Work Orders and required services can warn dispatchers if services are due or even prevent dispatching if required. This integration with dispatch and with excellent reporting built-in you’ll be able to coordinate dispatching needs and maintenance requirements more effectively than with any maintenance software that is not tied to operations.

  • Unlimited custom service schedules for all equipment
  • Schedule services by date or by odometer
  • Accesses truck and trailer imaging
  • Services flow to Work Order system
  • Takes equipment down and out of service

Shop Management

With our Shop Work Order Management System, even high volume maintenance operations servicing hundreds of trucks can prioritize and manage their workflow, more effectively control inventory and monitor maintenance personnel productivity. Building Work Orders is simple with memorized Service Code details that automatically assign the necessary parts and labor items to any service. Being integrated with all of our other software, Work Orders also interact with our Mobile Systems as well as our Log Scanning Software to import equipment DVIR information so that service needs can be organized and used during the Work Order creation process

  • Tracks maintenance work in progress
  • Creates work schedules for shop personnel
  • Automatically updates equipment parts inventory
  • Calculates parts, labor and materials costs
  • Automatically updates equipment service schedules
  • Memorized services automatically assign parts and labor costs
  • Imports service needs from Driver Vehicle Inspections Reports

Parts and Inventory Control

Consistently keep correct parts and correct parts quantities in inventory with better inventory management capabilities available within our Maintenance Management software. Our software uses FIFO calculations to continuously track inventory quantities and valuations. As parts are received, quantities are updated and valuations are increased. When parts are used as part of generating Service Work Orders inventory quantities are reduced and the costs associated are derived from the costs incurred when the parts were received. Combined with a consistent parts rotation system, the total value of your inventory will always accurately reflect the actual amounts paid for that inventory.

  • Integrates with Work Order Management
  • Integrates with Purchase Order System
  • FIFO quantities and valuations
  • Warranties and core exchange tracking
  • Reorder reporting by vendor
  • Tracks non-inventory materials quantities
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