Website Integration

Does your corporate website tell the real story of who you are and what you offer? Does it elevate you above and beyond your competition? More importantly, does it inspire shippers to hire you?

With TMS Express the answer is YES, YES and ABSOLUTELY. TMS Express transforms your website into a state of the art, comprehensive communication epicenter where shippers, drivers and carriers all interact electronically. No more phone calls, no more faxing and no more email. Rather than simply displaying facts about your company’s history, equipment and lane preferences, your website needs to generate a “call-to-action.” With TMS Express, the action now comes to you.

Features Summary

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Shipper Services
  • Real-time freight status updates including pre-determined radius notifications for both shipper and consignee locations
  • Customer initiated Quote Request & Pickup Request
  • Document Gallery – For Review / Share / Retrieval
Driver Services
  • Freight information & documentation review and retrieval
  • Automated Driver Application – Completely synchronized with TMS Express
Carrier Services
  • Automated Carrier Registration Form – Instant crosscheck with the FMCSA and completely synchronized with TMS Express
  • Document upload feature for quick and easy review of insurance information and other documents you require
Automated Available Load Board
  • Post your available freight with one-click seamlessly from TMS Express to Internet Load Board

Shipper Services

With PCS Web Services, your customers can submit quote and pickup requests right from your website. The freight information will automatically flow through to TMS Express where your dispatch personnel can receive, review, respond and dispatch the freight. No phone, no fax, no email. Just clean, concise electronic communication between you and your customer.

Document Management

The most efficient way to manage freight documentation is not to handle it all. With the TMS Express, the entire process of conveying documentation from the driver to the customer can be completely automated. What’s more, the TMS Express does not email documentation. Transferring documents as file attachments through email is inefficient for the sender and the receiver. The TMS Express incorporates our exclusive Document Gallery into your website, allowing your customers to retrieve newly posted documentation or any documentation going back as far as three years.

Driver Application

Drivers know that the best companies to work for are the ones who use the most advanced technology. With TMS Express Web Services, drivers can fill out and submit an application right from your website which you can review directly from TMS Express along with a completed Driver Qualification File. From there, one-click and the driver can be added to the Payroll System where driver pay rate, taxes, automatic adjustments and other information can be setup.

Carrier Onboarding

With Express Web Services, evaluating and processing prospective carriers has never been easier, quicker and more complete. Carriers fill out a Carrier Registration form right from your website where it is then cross-checked against current FSMCA data, verifying their Motor Carrier ID and DOT ID filed with the FSMCA. Fleet information including equipment type and lane preferences can also be provided. You’ll be able to review all of this information directly from TMS Express where you can approve or reject the carrier. This advanced method of communication conveys the highest of quality and superior service levels that define your company which will result in attracting the best carriers in the industry.

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